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  • North Carolina man misses jackpot by one number,...

    Reply #6Congratulations[ 1,452 views ]

  • Hoosier Lottery Commission votes to approve...

    Reply #11Time consuming? Not hardly. It's very obvious to me that you've never cashed in or even seen a winning ticket in Florida.The clerk drops the ticket into the slot at the top of the lottery terminal, the terminal takes about a second to read it to verify it's a winner, and about a second […]

  • Iowa Lottery blames "human reporting error" for...

    Reply #13Saving your lotto receipts and scratcher cards for a year is also good for tax purposes. If you itemize your deductions and want to successfully defend against an IRS audit, then it makes sense to save them for a year.Saving them for a year is also useful for 2nd chance online entry every […]

  • Scotland's £148M EuroMillions lottery winner no...

    Reply #26If your family continues to harass and possibly stalk you, take them to Court and then Move/Relocate.[ 6,584 views ]

  • Retailer mistake helps Illinois man win $25,000 a...

    Reply #10LOL! I like giving money away. In my early teens, I would give money away to strangers for nothing, so even if he didn't deserve it, I would give a big tip.[ 4,013 views ]

  • Just weeks left to claim $44 million Florida...

    Reply #711/30 Still unclaimed; sold in Orange Blossom Trail in Kissimmee. Likely a tourist bought the quick pick ticket. If they still have the ticket what will they think of when they finally realize its the jackpot winning ticket.[ 5,615 views ]

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Reply #27Everyone, hope your holidays are blessful for you all, and hope u enjoy your Thanksgiving 2023!Going to enjoy my TITANIC marathon, long 4 hours or so, then some of #GOOD TIMES Re runs on TV ONE.Spend rest of my holiday weekend watching #TheCrown about the Tall lovely Princess Diana final […]

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Sweepers and Their Winnings

Sweepers and Their Winnings

Sweepers are defined as people who enter numerous sweepstakes as a hobby. They dedicate time, money, and resources towards everything they’ll need to continuously enter. Some might consider this a waste of time, but these longtime sweepers disagree.  Patti Osterheld...

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Picking Your Perfect Numbers

Picking Your Perfect Numbers

Playing the lottery can be fun and exciting, but there is so much pressure when it comes to selecting the perfect numbers.  A carefully curated set of numbers could mean the difference between winning big and losing hard.  Here’s a few strategies when thinking of...

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