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  • Miami man is Florida's newest millionaire after...

    Reply #4A real gem of a bargain there...three lines for $1.00!Congratulations Mr. Alvarez and if you play your cards properly it could last a lifetime. Nice win and no state tax to stick their dirty little hands in your jackpot[ 1,418 views ]

  • Mega Millions host calls wrong winning number...

    Reply #61He typed a lot! I bought a new mouse weeks ago and now a new keyboard. Some keyboards cost more than a dumbfone, do I mean mobile of android[ 6,822 views ]

  • North Carolina lottery winners "had to pinch each...

    Reply #4Some of those $10 scratch-offs can be even more fruitful than the $20 and $30 tickets. Every time I have ever won, it's always been the $10 tickets. But I'm sure it all depends on which particular scratch-off you choose. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs Perry.......the kids will be thrilled.[ 2,848 […]

  • Lottery pool goes to court after man with losing...

    Reply #10Looks like the only thing the couple did wrong was having 2 similar names for 2 different groups. If you are using the name Syndicate for one group, you should come up with a different name for the second group. That would hopefully deter con men like Mr. Ing from showing up demanding […]

  • 45 jackpot-winning tickets in one California...

    Reply #24the numbers: 5-6-7-8-9-10. Lottery players cried fraud and an investigation took place.There's a small chance that 1 out of 20 might pick those numbers based on birthdays or something, but at least 19 had to have played them just because they were consecutive numbers. It takes a special […]

  • Massachusetts man going through troubled times...

    Reply #7I agree. Congrats to the winner Prayers[ 2,167 views ]

  • Canadian man sues 16 friends for share of $1...

    Reply #50You snooze you lose.[ 5,648 views ]

Tips & Tricks for Mega Winnings

Most Common Purchases for Winners

Most Common Purchases for Winners

Winning the lottery is a dream common to many. If you've ever fantasized about it, you've probably considered how you would spend the prize money as well. Interestingly enough, a large portion of lottery winners have been known to spend their newfound funds on...

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Sweepers and Their Winnings

Sweepers and Their Winnings

Sweepers are defined as people who enter numerous sweepstakes as a hobby. They dedicate time, money, and resources towards everything they’ll need to continuously enter. Some might consider this a waste of time, but these longtime sweepers disagree.  Patti Osterheld...

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Picking Your Perfect Numbers

Picking Your Perfect Numbers

Playing the lottery can be fun and exciting, but there is so much pressure when it comes to selecting the perfect numbers.  A carefully curated set of numbers could mean the difference between winning big and losing hard.  Here’s a few strategies when thinking of...

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